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Emotional regulation games for kids

Up to 6 family members per subscription


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Program Benefits

  • Internalized physical and emotional awareness
  • Mastery of calming skills
  • Improved family communication around emotions
  • Strong frustration tolerance
  • Minimized family stress
  • Improved confidence
  • Decrease overwhelming feelings, anxiety, & anger
Skill Packs

Includes mailed skill packs

Activities mailed monthly to help your child translate skills to real life.

*Physical mailed skill packs only for U.S. customers. International customers will receive digital version.


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Program Benefits

  • Heart rate and emotional awareness
  • Improved use of calming skills
  • Shared emotional language
  • Improved frustration tolerance
  • Decreased family stress
Skill Packs

Includes mailed skill packs

Activities mailed monthly to help your child translate skills to real life.

*Physical mailed skill packs only for U.S. customers. International customers will receive digital version.



billed $40 per month

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Program Benefits

  • Heart rate awareness
  • Calming skill basics
  • Emotional language basics
Skill Packs

Includes digital skill packs

Activities emailed monthly to help translate Mightier skills to real life.

30 Day Gurantee

30-Day money back guarantee

Get a full refund if you aren’t satisfied within 30 days. Must submit cancellation within 30 days of initial purchase. International shipping cost not included in refund. 

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Program Details

Everything included in your subscription

Mightier Kit

Mightier Game App and Heart Sensor Armband

A library of over 25 games and a Bluetooth connected armband that acts as an emotion meter during gameplay.

Mightier Parent App

The Mightier Parent App

Real-time data to track your child’s progress, along with strategies and activities to support your child’s emotional well-being.

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Family care team

Family Care Team and Family Community

Live tech and program support Monday–Friday. Access to a private group of Mightier families to stay connected, ask questions, and build community. 

Monthly Skill Packs Mightier Monthly Pack

Monthly Skill Packs

Crafts, games, and stories sent monthly to learn about exciting new emotional well-being topics that are fun for the whole family. 

Tablet + case


You may use your own iOs device, Android, or Kindle. If your family needs a dedicated device, we’ll provide you with one, along with a protective case. Please check for your device compatibility before selecting to add a tablet at checkout.

Clinically proven solution


Pink Percentage

Of families see improvements in 90 days


Yellow Percentage

Reduction in outbursts.


Green Percentage

Reduction in oppositional behavior.

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    Mightier was able to confirm that skills I was teaching her were valid and valuable, plus using them in a fun format allowed her to build those skills without it feeling like work.

    Dianne Mom of a 7-year-old

  • Picture of lavaling

    It’s been an incredible tool for us. We’ve fought for years to have access to mental health care and have mostly hit walls; but this was accessible to us when nothing else was, and I believe it’s helped my son learn and understand his body much better. I’m very thankful for the services Mightier provides

    Heather H. Mom of a 6-year old

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    Is he just better regulated? He is! Here’s the thing, all of these things we’ve tried have been helpful, but this brought us to the next level. The medicine was helpful, and the social learning books are helpful, but I do honestly think that Mightier…. It’s been this practice… it’s literally changed our world.

    Adrienne M. Mom of a 7-year old

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What is included in my purchase? Plus sign Minus sign

Every Mightier purchase includes:

  • The Mightier app with a growing library of over 25 award-winning games to help your child build emotional regulation skill
  • A heart sensor that connects with the app to help kids visualize their emotions during play
  • The Mightier Parent app, which is full of insights, and activities to support your child’s progress
  • Special access to the Mightier Family Care Team with live support 5 days a week Additional family games, like cards, that can be used with the heart sensor
  • Access to a private online community of Mightier families

What is your return policy? Plus sign Minus sign

We will provide a refund of the subscription price within 30 days of purchase if you decide that Mightier is not right for your family. We want families to have an opportunity to see if Mightier is a good fit for them by trying it, yet we know everyone responds to new experiences differently. You must submit your return request within the first 30 days. For customers outside the US, the original shipping costs cannot be refunded, but the rest of your order can. If you hit a bump in the journey or are experiencing any challenges, please reach out to our Family Care Team. We are here to help.

Does Mightier ship around the world? Plus sign Minus sign

Yes! We believe every kid deserves access to mental health tools. Within the United States, all orders are eligible for free standard shipping and our kit typically arrives in 3-5 business days. Orders to Hawaii and Alaska may take a little more time in transit. If you’re ordering from outside of the U.S, please allow 5-10 business days for shipping and customs.

Does international shipping cost extra? Plus sign Minus sign

Yes. Please see our shipping rates below. Returns from international orders will be refunded the original price, minus these costs.

  • Canada/Mexico: $25 USD
  • UK/Europe: $35 USD
  • Caribbean/South America: $40 USD
  • Australia/Asia/New Zealand: $40 USD
  • Africa: $40 USD
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