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Holiday Lavaling Decorations

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Lavalings feel the holiday spirit too! Here are some festive holiday Lavalings that kids can color in and decorate the house this winter, or hang on the door knob to their room. Kids can write and share what makes them feel calm and what makes them get hot.

Activity Details: 

1. Print out the Lavaling Decoration pages below and have your child find something to write or draw with (preferably colored pencils, crayons or markers).

2. Have kids color in the Lavalings and share things that make them feel calm or hot.

3. Cut out the outer shape and fold on the middle dotted line so that one Lavaling side is cool and the other is hot.

4. Thread string through the top hole and hang them around the house! Kids can also hang on their doorknob and flip to the Lavaling side that indicates their current mood.

5. When you hang these up, let us know! You can even include a snapshot of their finished decorations in place. We’ll mail kids a special Lavaling sticker for their Lavaling Sticker collection.

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